Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Psalms: 4

Psalm Four

Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my pondering thoughts.
Hearken unto the voice of my cry, and reason with me as with men in days of old, even with your strong reasoning.

I direct my prayer unto you, and look up and say:
I know that you are a God that has no pleasure in wickedness: and that evil will not dwell with you.
The foolish will not stand in your sight.
It has been said that you hate all workers of iniquity.
And that you will destroy the liars, that you detest the violent and deceitful man.
But where is the standard of mercy in the proclamation of destruction?
Where is the white fruit in the fear of the Lord?
You gave a law to your servant Nephi,
And to my fathers Joseph, and Jacob, and Isaac, and Abraham
And to all your ancient prophets and apostles.
You said that if they reward to their enemies according to their works, they are justified.
But if they spare their enemies, they will be rewarded for their righteousness
Unto the third and fourth generation.
Nephi knew this, (at what point I don’t know)
Yet he slew Laban.
And the stolen sword became the standard to settle all disputes between the people of Nephi and his brethren.
Did Ammon know this law?
For his people spared their brethren and their enemies.
And the Lord did grant their children His presence
And peace unto the third and fourth generation.
As for me, I will come into your house in the multitude of your mercy.
I will seek the standard of the law given to the Ancients.
And while there is no faithfulness in the mouth of the wicked,
I will not seek their destruction, but will only ask for mercy and blessings on their heads.
They may fall by their own counsel and be cast out in the multitude of their transgressions for their rebellion,
For that is the standard of justice.
But I plead that you will be merciful and show them the Light, as you have been merciful to me.
Your mercy has saved me from a bitter hell, because you have shown me my weakness.
I will be joyful in your name and in your law.

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