Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ode to My Father

The Gates of Valor

The fullness of the Earth I see
Her people and her waters
A restful, joyous place to be
For all the Saints and Fathers.

O David, sing with harmony
Hell’s first to hear the calling
And Jacob lift your heads to see
Redemption from your falling

Who now will climb the hill with me
When winking lights shine brightly?
Whose soul is void of vanity
And wild fruit turned rightly?

Come live your promised loyalty
O seeking generation
The Everlasting Royalty
Accepts your veneration

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sing with Me

If you would like join in the singing, feel free to add your own verse (one per person, please). Send it to and it will be published here and updated often.

The Fountain of All Righteousness 
(aka The Fount of Every Blessing) 
by Robert Robinson and Others

COME, Thou Fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy, never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise
Teach me some melodious sonnet
Sung by flaming tongues above
Praise the mount, I'm fixed upon it
Mount of Thy redeeming love

To the remnant House of Jacob
To the Nations and the Jews
Shew the great things done to make up
All the fathers' glorious views
That they know all of the covenants
Made to see Thy stretched out hand
And be free! Through kind benev'lence
Of the Savior, Christ the Lamb

Thou gave mercy through thy servant
Joseph saw Thy glorious face
Showing Thou art so conversant
Giving all Thy warm embrace
We heard, "Reap with thy sharp sickle
The great harvest has begun"
Though they failed, were far from civil
Do Thy work and make us one

We have seen our ev'ry weakness
Ev'ry folly, ev'ry sin
Let our hearts be full of meekness
And return to Thee again
As we bless our adversaries
As we step Thy holy trail
Help us see what Thy Name carries
For Thy love will never fail

In a world so full of suff'ring
Grant our wish to show Thy love
We care not who may be sinning
Heal them, bless them from above
To change hearts through acts of mercy
Send Thy gifts, Oh God we pray
Give Thy light to us, though earthy
Let us bring Thy perfect day

As we cry our benediction
And conclude this mighty prayer
Heal us from our sore affliction
Make our eyes to Thee aware
Then with joy our hearts will open
Heaven's record will draw near
Let our Fathers' longing hope and
Zion's temple soon appear

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Last Cry

Jerusalem, thy chains are broken!
Israel hath served her term.
From the smoky waste is spoken:
“Rise thee up, oh Jacob’s worm!”

Ev’ry trench shall be exalted,
Ev’ry roof shall meet the floor.
O ye lost whose path hath halted—
Step ye through the prison door!

Who hath measured out the waters
In the hollow of His hand?
With the hearts turned to the fathers
Who hath heard the Lord’s command?

Patiently, through condemnation
They hath thirsted by the fire.
Turn about their resignation,
Give, o Lord, their heart’s desire!

Israel’s hopes will then be lengthened
As they mount with eagle’s wings.
Come, ye weak, with me be strengthened!
Redemption’s hymn forever sing!

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Troubadour

Verse 1

Verse 2

Upon the bustling highways now He moves His holy feet
To walk among the good and bad, His promise to complete

The union of the spirits, there, has caused Him to depart
Their garments bear the emblems of that written on the heart
There is Love
There is Love

Well the tidal waves are swelling and the ripened fruit hangs low
The King beckons to come and claim the gifts He will bestow

As it was in the beginning is now and til the end
The old score will become the new, we sing it once again
And there is Love
There is Love

Well then what's to be the reason now for coming to the feast?
Is it love that brings you here or just a promise of increase?
For if loving is the answer, then who's the giving for?
Will you live the thing on inner parts that you've never shown before?
Yes there is Love
There is Love

Hmmm mmm mmm mmm
mmm mmm

Oh, the marriage of their spirits, Friends, has caused Him to depart
Their garments bear the emblems of that written on the heart
There is Love
Ah, there's Love

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Statement

To be free! To be free!
Can we mutually
Agree is the thing that we all want to be?
Let thy principles guide thee and mine will guide me.
If you care, though, to share, though, I'll jubilantly
Take a view
Yes, review to
Consider and see
How our dreams may combine in sublime unity!

Let's be free--you and me!
And prevent slavery!
To the man who demands all your conformity!
In white he is dressed
But by us he'll be blessed
As we so peacefully
Make our way to the Tree.

To be free! Is my plea,
It's to love and express, always genuinely.
I'll hold up a standard for all now to see...
The deep "part." (In the heart, written permanently):

To be free! It's the KEY!
And the new melody!
Please gather your psalteries and come,


Sunday, February 11, 2018

My People

A statement is to be produced only by "my people."

"My people" bear fruit.

If you haven't born fruit, then you are not "my people."

So all your proposals, votes, meetings and discussions are just an exercise if you are not "my people." A game which will hold no weight in the end, except to teach you how hard and easy it is to find what you are seeking.

By bearing fruit you will learn how to agree, not the other way around.

Go labor in the vinyard. Go bear fruit. Go become "my people."

Bearing (witnessing of) fruit meet for being "my people," you can THEN make your statement(s).

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Treasurer

A tomb of gold and jewels you lust
Oh Shebna, dear, you flew too far
Our muse, a trusted steward once
But now you are a falling star

Hilkiah’s son, to you we look
Your shoulders bearing David’s throne
Are hung the treasures never known

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Trial

A lengthy trial of pain was born
But in the end He gave release
Forty years a heart did mourn
But in the end He left His peace

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Prayer of Enoch

Enoch's Prayer

"Wo is me! Wo!" She wept.
"The mother of evil, the mother of men!
When shall the filthiness be swept
  off my face, that I can rest and be clean once again?"

So Enoch continued to cry to the Lord,
"Will you not have compassion on her,
  and bless the children of Noah with thy word
  of mercy to make the hearts of men in righteousness stir?"

And the Lord would not withhold. He voiced the sound,
   He uttered an unalterable decree:
"A remnant of Noah's seed shall always be found
   among all nations, as long as the earth shall be.

"And blessed is he through whose seed comes
  the Rock of Heaven, the Messiah, the King.
For my Beloved, David and his kin beat the drums--
Praises of everlasting joy they will sing.

"Embedded within the chorus they muse
   is the key to the gate and path rising West.
Wherefore, whoso discovers their colorful hues
   shall climb to my presence and with their Mother have rest."

The Three Disciples

Please do not call us by the name of our father who crossed over to a promised land.
We honor him, it is true. But we do not follow the Spirit of his teachings by settling matters with the sword.
Our belief is that the worth of every soul is great, including the most wicked.
They need not perish to accomplish God's will, and we will serve them.

Even if they cast us into prison.
Even if they cast us into a furnace.
Even if they cast us into a den of wild beasts.

When our people took on the name of a man in opposition to their brothers, we stayed among them for a season, but their fate was sealed.
For only His name is the Rock and the Foundation of Stone.
We were given one name, and it is by that name only we respond.

And it is by that name we will answer again.
For we are among you, and you know us not.
But when we see your fruits of repentance, when you call on the Father in the name of Christ, we will establish a marvelous work.

For we are the disciples of Jesus, witnesses by our own eyes of Him, and know of a surety that His word is true. In nothing do we work, save it is in His name.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Devil's Design

The devil's design is to make you an "-ite"
Of some tribe or faction, a company guy
And when opposition to it takes a bite
You put on your gloves and in like form reply

Some groups are of Moses and some are of Paul
Some of the nation and some of the Lord
You'll stand your ground firmly and give it your all
In mem'ry of wives you will fight with the sword

But if you refuse to engage in the game
And bless those who strike you with malice and harm
The mark on your head will display the Son's name
And loose will become all the chains on your arm

Your pathway ahead is both narrow and strait
Upon it there is only room for two feet
The Keeper alone now abides at the gate
Yet only the fools before God will He meet

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Governing Principle

Why look to write the thing that guides
While thrashing all around
Are Powers and their fearsome tides
Who howl a ruinous sound?

By nursing those who cry and yearn,
And walking with the "evil" 
The Lost will realize where to turn
When tossed in the upheaval.

The pen is mighty as the sword,
But stronger even still
Are actions which reveal His Word
And testify His will.