Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Vision: The Port and the Raft

Two White Horses

Afar, I see a couple,
Some stallion, rearing swift
Neighs hungry for new fodder,
And calls me to the drift.

Along his side a she-mare
Swims patiently and sings.
Her nickers air the wisdom
That meekly waiting brings.  

Who holds the rein upon you?
Why can you not run free?
What straw is in your mangers?
Why drown you in the sea?

Behind them, lo, the others! --
A million hooves unshod!
Girth-deep in hissing water,
They seek their meal from God.

'Twixt tide and tide's returning
Great herd of faithful dead, --
The bones of those who've struggled,
And the souls of the unbread.

By day with stamping squadrons,
By night in whinnying droves,
Creep up the wise two Horses,
And call us to our loves.

What service have we paid them,
So callous to their plight?
We mock their ev'ry folly,
And shun them from the light.

A hundred leagues to leeward,
The bay remains unstirred,
The ported ships can carry
The coming of the herd!

Whose hand may grip their nostrils --
Their forelocks who may hold?
E'en they that sail the barges:
The captains true and bold!

I see the seven women
Who do not hold a broach.
Your name I carry with me,
But leave your ill reproach.

Come ye into the water
The font of Hades Lake.
Your vessels sail ye westward
Tread swiftly on my wake.

I hear the two White Horses
Who beckon from the grave;
A stallion wise: to carry,
A faithful mare: to save.

They long to seek the others
Confounded in their holes.
Give ear and you will fathom
The roaring of their souls!

Like flint, their hooves are counted
A whirlwind are their wheels.
And none shall flee the tearing
And treading at their heels.

Trust ye the sounding trumpets --
Trust ye the neighing wind --
Trust ye the moaning groundswell --
Our herds are close behind!

The treasure that they carry?
An ancient book restored.
Trust ye the two White Horses,
The Horses of the Lord!


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