Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Interruption

I dreamt my brother approached me, not asking or doing anything out of the ordinary. But I suspected him. I was paranoid that he wanted something of mine and fearful that he would cause harm. I started voicing my concern abroad and telling everyone that they should be very wary of my brother, accusing him of ill true motives. With everything he said to me, I believed him less and less until I told him that we were no longer kin. “Get out and don’t come back!” was my tone. “I don’t want you to harm me or my family. I need to protect them, so go away.”

I awoke from the dream very confused. I don’t feel like that at all about my brothers, sisters and family, or really anyone. I asked the Lord, "Why would those emotions come to me in that manner?"

Then I heard a voice in my mind, “This is how it feels to be void of the Spirit. You needed to know.”

A couple of days later, I received more enlightenment through the voice of an angel: "Are we not all brothers?"


I have changed the tune I am singing, even if it is slightly. For if payment ever comes due, without adjustments I may find myself lacking.

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