Friday, April 15, 2016

The True Order

At an altar, on a tower
Do these spots of prayer have power?
With a loved one? All alone?
In a cottage? On a throne?
What's the order? What is true?
- The answer is not where, but who!

- For your country, for your kin
- For fellowships... yes, all within!
- Pray for those who fill your heart
- Then perhaps you'll reach the start.

- But if you want to be a child
- Of God, your Father, meek and mild,
- You will bless the evil ones:
- Perdition's daughters and its sons.

- All the villains, all the foul,
- Those who cheat and those who prowl
- Enemies and cursing men
- Pray for them-- once and again!
- Like Daniel said, where e'er you stand
- Will then be holy, firm and grand!

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