Monday, April 11, 2016

The Blessing

Oh! that they could see it.
The chance before their feet-
To summon all us lost ones,
And at the curtain meet.

Will charity surround them?
Will water turn to wine?
Will we become their purpose?
Will they their hearts refine?

Or will again the drinking
And feasting on the gift
Produce more selfish drunkards,
The curse not keen to lift?

I wonder as we suffer,
Confounded in the dark,
Can such a people hear us
And on our path embark?

Oh Lord, do not forget us!
Please help them all to see
That if they want to find you
They'll show us charity!

We seek to hear the offering
With hands laid on a head-
That through the living vessel
Comes blessings for the dead!

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