Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Heart to Heart

If by one simple act you could change the world for the better,
     would you do it?
Never mind the study and worthiness you think is required,
     do you dare to try?
If something seemingly small and insignificant could wash you clean
     like the deluge of a spring day in the desert,
     and then overfill your basket with the bounties of heaven
     would it cross your mind to investigate?
Or would you think it must be more complicated, and not even attempt an easy road?

Could a single person make a difference,
     give hope to the doubters
     and even cause the gods and angels to take notice?
If you gave heed and diligence to one principle
     would that be sufficient?
Would you spread the word if it worked?

Can one soul change the world... not just in a figurative sense,
     but quite literally?

And that soul is you.

Now what are you waiting for?

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