Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Mighty Prayer

I tell a story of doom and glory
The day they gave the prayer--
Some men were kneeling while the Damned were reeling
From how they acted there.

The Lord sent servants who were so fervent,
Their tongues were like a flame.
The first had power upon a tower
And Samuel was his name.

And then came others who taught their brothers
Of what would soon take place
When He had ended His work so splendid
To save the human race.

The Damned were fuming, their wrath consuming.
In anger did they shed
The blood of others. They fought their brothers,
And stoned them until dead.

Alas! Lamenting them not repenting,
The Damned, Earth's fury felt.
She burned the offending with fire, upending
The cities where they dwelt.

Not too long later a sermon greater
Than any other speech
Was then presented to those segmented
From the Damned's abusive reach.

The Lord directed the ones collected
Upon the temple grounds
To bless the vicious who were malicious
And to the earth brought down.

"You people hearing my word endearing
Are children of the few
Who saw the burning and water churning--
The prophets bold and true."

The angels guided the twelve provided
By Jesus (for the crowd)
To pray for healing and love. While kneeling
They said these words aloud:

"While they're abusers, we're not accusers.
Please bless the Damned and Shamed.
Oh Father hear us, come quickly near us!
We cry out in His name!"

The Father listened, their visage glistened
And Jesus voiced these words:
"You washed their spirit, I now revere it
And thank thee that thou heard."


You Gentiles under a curse, you wonder
"How shall we gather there,
In Zion to flourish, our hearts to nourish?"

The answer's in a prayer.

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