Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Burden of the Lord

When this people, or the prophets, or a priest ask,
"What is the burden of the Lord?"
They prophesy false dreams
And cause the people to err.

I had a dream, and I told that dream.
I received his word, and I spoke the word faithfully.
Yet, I may be chaff and not wheat
Because I condoned their error.

I may be utterly forgotten and forsaken
Because I agreed with the lie.
There might be an everlasting reproach upon me,
And a perpetual shame upon my name.

Lord, help me! I must walk with them
Despite the burdens they have spoken
And placed upon themselves,
And now upon me.

Wilt Thou burn one grain of wheat
With a whole field of chaff?
Be as it may, I have set my face like flint,
And I will not be ashamed for following Thee.

     My son, thou hast taken on thee my yoke
     Yea, thou hast learned of me and my ways.
     And thou beholdest that my burden is light
     Thou hast found rest unto thy soul, and hast been sanctified.

     Therefore, go thy way in peace.

Lord, the fruit is most sweet, above all that I ever tasted.
It is white, to exceed the whiteness that I have ever seen.
As I partake, it fills my soul with exceedingly great joy;
Wherefore, I am desirous that all who are ready should partake also.

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