Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Nations

I claim the nations as my native blood
And often times a drunkard I have been
Though wild fruit is blooming from my bud
A saving kind of nectar lies within

To sons of Jacob: lend your captive ears
Your analyzing ways and layered codes
Have yielded empty harvests o'er the years
And led you on your unavailing roads

If God bestows His sacramental grace
If Heaven sends its glory from above
Once brothers, yet again we shall embrace
And kiss your necks in reconciled love

But now you should wipe clean your studied slate
Forget about ascending ordered stairs
A new peculiar path we will relate
To answer all your supplicated prayers

The Angels seek a fellowship with Gods
And hope to find a scintillating rest
They must tear down their erudite façades
Then jettison their idol called “The Test”

The stakes they laid do hinder their advance
(Traditions of their fathers though they be)
But God in mercy grants again the chance
To make a stronger choice and then be free

Since Wisdom has revealed her storied scars
Through follies not a few and curséd days
Then brothers, let us treat among the Stars!
(If luscious fruit can come from gentile ways)

The Prodigal returns now for the feast
And with your Father beckons at the door
Come in the gate which opens from the East
And don the blazing Fam'ly coat once more!  

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