Friday, February 24, 2017

The Fourth Movement

Listen to these words, my friend
Your story has a brilliant end
Observing not, your eyes can see
Gaping ears, but deaf you be

Notwithstanding, witness now
The Lord has given me this vow:
"If they hearken I will make
Them perfect for my servant's sake

"While snared and captive they have been
The ensign says 'Restore' to them
Springing forth the words declared
The road to Heaven is repaired"

Sing the song! From city streets
From wilds sublime and mountains sweet!
Declare His praise from rocks and isles
Into the sea for miles and miles!

So hear, you deaf; and look, you blind
I show the last hope you will find
Once refrained, our Maestro's cry
Will soon make herbs and rivers dry

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