Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Your Turn at the Bat

The outlook isn't brilliant for the fellowships to date;
the local paper advertised, "Come make your pathway strait!"
A group had heard the summons to extend the fishing net
and gather all the humble folks then make their bodies wet.

The fresh idea was given by the one who spoke the word
while touring 'round the West. His notion didn't go unheard.
While joyful was the number who submersed their toes and hair;
they hoped that hundreds more would seek their Lord and Savior there.

Perhaps there was a portent when he showed no confidence
that people could produce the scene where Zion would commence:
The servant said, "Please heed His words but just don't follow me."
A self-fulfilling prophecy was what they had to see.

So on the stricken multitude grim melancholy sits.
How can an earnest Gentile troop go on a "saving blitz?"
A mystery so hidden up Isaiah might well ask:
"Are these the ones I prophesied are up to head the task?"

But wait! A clue is given in the pages of a book
which people read so often that they quickly overlook
a story of some missionaries meeting in the field,
and how united efforts did produce a bounteous yield.

The brothers were familiar with a wicked sort of state:
A life of such iniquity that they had sealed their fate.
But rather than consigning to an endless gulf of woe,
The Lord saw fit to bless the men and snatch them from below.

Although they were His enemies, great mercy was allowed--
so much, they all repented and their sins were disavowed.
The foursome (and another) saw the pattern of the Lord:
to serve those who oppose us. From evil, grace restored.

The thousands who converted, in kind did follow through--
they laid their swords beneath them and charity pursued.
What storm can now defeat them? What rain can snuff or douse?
As children of the Holy One, how sturdy is their house!

So now I testify the thing which never was revealed
(At least our clouded vision kept the common knowledge sealed)
Feel free to spread the word to all the fellowships and souls
whose hopes of wond'rous miracles do match the Brothers' goals.

Behold, there is no natural man who knows the subtle ways
of Zion's operandi and how God's love to praise.
This is the holy order and the mark upon the head,
The heav'nly invitation and the feast of wine and bread:

To not accuse the enemies of man or even God,
but serve them with great diligence, although they might be flawed.
The promise is quite obvious to those who walk the path:
Great multitudes will see the light and shake Justice's wrath.

Although you're not commanded, will you take the righteous dare
to gather in a circle and recite a worthy prayer?
A plea for the oppressors and a cry for evil ones
will make you Holy Daughters and Consecrated Sons.

And do not slow your litany of blessings to impart;
pray for them unceasingly with all your might and heart.
Then do the works which evidence your supplicated speech,
take the action requisite to practice what you preach.

Your fruit will ripen speedily and God will clearly see
that your desires match the orbs which grow upon His Tree.
This promise is extended forth to all the sons of men
that through their choice and agency they'll come to Him again.

The worth of souls is great, you know, and saving even one
will bring a person endless joy when all is said and done.
And if the luscious fruit is sweet with just a single soul
Envision how ten thousand lives will make your spirit whole.

My friends, go out and prove Him to authenticate His vow;
you'll find fruit so abundant that it almost breaks the bough.
He'll open Heav'nly windows and protect your sacred wheat.
No insect will devour all the harvest at your feet.

He'll crown His holy temple with the jewels of Ephraim's toil
and heal the once forgotten with His Consecrated Oil.
All nations then shall call you blessed--a pure delightsome land;
the Lord of Hosts has spoken it and witnessed through His hand.


Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children sing;
for there'll be joy in Zion! (when Gentiles do their thing).

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