Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Record

I searched for treasure of my soul
Its hue and luster, breadth and height
Escaped my recent mem’ry’s light

Although I knew with wisdom’s eyes
The value of the gilded prize,
Its true Creator kept His name
Away from sight and worldly fame.

The teachers of my youthful days
Had kept me from this errant craze
Of seeking truth and mystery
Beyond the fruit of Knowledge Tree.

Their words as chains stopped my advance
And held me in a clouded trance
Until at last, I turned and plead
For mercy, towards the Light ahead.

The bonds released, I tarried through
Beyond the mainstream of the flue
Past greed and envy, pride and wrath
‘Yond sloth and lust I took the path.

Through gluttony and guilt and fear
And then past doubt. My prize was near.
The vices left as I did pray.
It seems One took them all away.

The cavern opened to a place
Where time extended into space.
The things of “Yore” and “Yet-To-Be”
Joined “Now” in synchronicity.

While curious eyes absorbed the view
I saw the object float as dew,
Descending down ‘til it did land
Into my open, out-stretched hand.

“What is this gift, this artifact…
A pearl that cost cannot exact?”
I thought and studied while I prayed
To know how my antique was made.

When came a man into my view
Who asked, “May I take that from you?
Ah yes,” he stated, as I shared,
“A find that cannot be compared.”

“I’d like to study, if I may,
This relic from another day.”
With my permission he escaped
Into a room with windows draped.

A crowd of people now amassed
To hear the tales of ages past
Belonging to my treasure found.
The roads it lit. The heads it crowned.

The language and the words he spoke
Were hid from me. They wore a cloak.
And even though I failed to hear
The others held the stories dear.

To them the heirloom’s song was sung
Unspeakable in mortal tongue.
And each one’s panoramic view
Spoke something different, something new.

I cannot tell you this for sure
Because the words were in a blur,
But I suspect the golden ball
Had once been carried by them all.

The gathering was at an end,
So I walked right up to my friend.
I realized now to see his face
That his did differ from my race.

From men of caves he looked to me
(A member of the Cherokee).
I saw his stature was a good
Two shoulders taller than I stood.

His face was stoic, creased and long.
I heard my own voice in his song.
With hopeful heart I bade him near.
“There’s something that you need to hear:

“The Elders have come unto me.”
“Hmm, so it is,” he said. “I see!
Now I admonish unto you:
Receive the Eagle Feather true!”

And when these words came from his lips
A star appeared with seven tips.
Surrounded by a circle too,
It then rescinded from my view.

His invitation to procure
My ordination was secure.
But where could I locate the charm
Extending from the eagle’s arm?

“I’ll tell you what,” he smiled. “A deal.
If you can catch me I’ll reveal
Where it is found, though I must say,
It’s not so hidden anyway.”

The game was on! I gave him chase.
We ran in circles ‘round the place.
He dodged me and he laughed with glee. 
(Perhaps ‘cause of futility.)

A final leap and he was caught,
But inside of his cloak was not.
Across the room he called my name,
“It looks like you have won the game.

“I’ll tell you where the feather’s found.
This deal we made, I’m promise-bound.”
He said, “You’ll find the prize you seek…”
My int’rest here was at a peak.

Now something happened then, I’ll say,
Which makes me grumble to this day.
The story ended, I awoke
Before I heard the words he spoke.

I stopped to ponder on the dream.
“It may not have been what I seem
To think it was. I cannot lie.
I never actually caught the guy.”

And so the waking hours I spent
Still chasing after what it meant.
Who is the feather I want most?
A hidden saint? A holy ghost?

My questions circled round about.
The certainty becoming doubt.
And then a friend came by my side
Who helped me comprehend my pride.

“Now, running after gifts for you
Is selfishness and it won’t do.
So to receive the Master’s will
You must slow down and then be still.

Return to charity and grace.
By doing so you’ll see God’s face.”
It’s merciful my friend was sent
To tell me how I should repent.

And so I took his words to heart.
The wild goose chase did depart.
Enlightenment came over me
And visions of eternity.

In comprehending what I write
There is one thing to see the light.
I ask that you would clear your doubt
And any fear that lurks about.

Choose now to think how it might be
To gaze into eternity.
The unbelief can close a door
Of understanding love and more.

I promise if you open up
With child-like hope, and drink the cup,
Truth’s waters will refresh your face,
And take you to a holy place.

The other thing that you must see
Is God deals in veracity.
He takes the symbols we explore,
When we believe, He’ll show us more.

Within our lives we’ll view His plan
The emblems of the earthly man
Will be revealed! And we shall see
How they take shape for you and me.

Our fathers soon must hear the Word:
"Your name, son, has been conferred.
The Book of Life now bears your brand,
So enter in the Promised Land."

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