Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Twins and Nefee

"I want to go to Your house," said Timmy to his Friend.
"I hear it's quite the mansion, and makes a happy end.
Eight others seek to join me, to get out of the cold.
(We're trying to be obedient. We're doing what we're told.)
For now our current calling is really not that fun.
So can we rest our spirits in your villa when we're done?"

"Of course you all are welcome," the Friend said with a grin,
"To leave your cares behind you and quickly enter in.
I'm glad this wish is wanted, and for it you'll be blest.
At last when here you're finished, with me you'll find your rest.

"You three, what's your story? Why don't you say a word?
I've got the others' wishes, it's time that yours were heard."
Nefee and the brothers looked sadly at the ground.
They knew that their ambitions were probably not sound.
Why weren't they like the others who honored to a T
The edicts which were given and followed carefully?

"You know, I see your longings." His sober words were true.
The grand facade was over! Their curious ways were through!
For even though the threesome were picked out from the pack,
They didn't fit a genre, and wandered from the track.

"Not long ago my buddy who lived across the sea
Was asked this very question: 'What do you want of me?'
He was a bit reluctant in following a 'plan,'
But oh, his heart was solid! This guy, he was 'the man!'
Instead of passing onward like most are wont to do
He stuck around, he lingered! The same desire as you!

"To me what's more important than getting a reward
For holding to the iron, is having love restored.
Your hopes lie in the blessing of children who'll be lost
And you will gladly do it, no matter what the cost.

"Your hearts are brightly shining and every time I look
It's what I see the brightest! They're glowing in the Book!
So now I grant your wishes, you'll see the day of fire
When I shall come in glory! You'll have your heart's desire!
And finally when it's finished you REALLY will be glad
Because you will be with me, and also with my Dad!"


Dear Reader, here's a question, I hope you hear it well:
Do you long to rest in Heaven? Or find those lost in Hell?
Your fathers are now waiting to know of your reply.
But if you answer rightly, their bindings you'll untie.

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